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About Yoga
"Elemental Yoga is an approach to Yoga that allows one to get out of mind and into body. All too often we don’t really experience our body. We experience only a thought about our body. This “thought kind of” body experience is very thing and sterile, not very juicy and certainly not very satisfying. But if we can re-learn that which we knew as children – to relate to our “physicalness” directly by relating to the basic core elements of our experience – then we have a chance to feel ourselves at a real concrete level, not diluted and colored by thought….” --Vincent D. McCullough, Ph.D. co-author of Harmony with the Movement of the Universe  
This Full Lotus helps establish inner attunement to the Present Moment and Deepens Awareness of the Breath. >>>>>>> Namaste!
<<< Yoga for Beginners - Sun Salutation - 3 minute video demonstration