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About Dai Dang Monastery
ALL ARE WELCOME! Thien Vien Dai Dang Monastery is a place where Zen monks, Buddhist nuns, and all visitors may practice meditation under the guidelines of the head master, Abbot of the monastery, Thich Tue Giac. 

The founder of many monasteries, The Venerable Thích Thanh Từ was born July 24, 1924. He is a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk who, along withThich Nhat Hanh, have been most responsible for increasing traditional Vietnamese Buddhism practices in Vietnam and worldwide.   

Dai Dang has an open door policy where you can practice and ask the monks & nuns questions about zen, Buddhism, and most important.....mediation. Once in a lifetime, Please try to make a visit. --Tan Nguyen
The booklet, hyperlinked at left, opens in PDF and contains a brief description of how to meditate.  It also includes the order of service for our 9:30 am Sunday service that includes chanting of  the Heart Sutra, precepts and vows.