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Takashi Kushida Sensei
(1935-2012) Yoshinkai Aikido (VIDEO on DVD)
​     Takashi Kushida was a Japanese aikido master and the chief instructor of Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America. He began his study of Aikido under Gozo Shioda in 1955 and lived at the Yoshinkan Dojo as a professional student for many years. -Wikipedia

      Accompanied by his Uke, (partner)Tourda Sensei, this beautifully restored 1977 film puts  Kushida Sensei's mastery of Aikido for students and dojo's are CLEARLY displayed in carefully presented manner. 

  Interested in learning more about how to obtain your copy of Takashi Kushida Sensei’s 25 minute instructional DVD of basic Aikido movements? This unique video is now available for purchase at "Kushida DVD" in subject line and send your email address to this site's webmaster at his email here. 

COST, including taxes & shipping, is $25.00
Master Kushida Sensei performing the role of Shi-te
Tourda Sensei performing the role of Uke 
NOTE: During this short video the person who is “shi-te” is Kushida Sensei, 8th Dan. He is demonstrating techniques that cover 8 basic directions. Kushida Sensei demonstrates both with, and without, a form partner; whose role, termed the “uke” is not seen as an “opponent” but collaborator. In the video, Prof. Wayne Tourda is the “uke”. Foundational movements or forms consist of 7 basic movements. Everything is in circular motion. Harmony this where Buddhism, Taoism, other martial arts comes in also. During each movement the shi-te task is to use maximum force at the precise moment. Likewise, the Uke’s task is to go with the force without getting hurt. Thus, the goal of each technique in Aikido is harmonization so that neither the uke or shi-te is hurt.