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About Wayne Tourda, aka,Thay Dang Ngo & Us...

​Like many Monks and Nuns at Dai Dang with diverse backgrounds,  have also walked many paths to the Way while always learning and teaching that:
 "Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional."
During 1968, Wayne Tourda had tea with Phillip Kapleau Roshi, author of the 3 Pillars of Zen—The Way. This event would spark his lifetime interest in Zen Meditation, Yoga, Aikido, and Tai Chi practices that are now widely accepted as vitally important to developing the Mind-Body connection, and which led to him becoming Thay Dang Ngo—Sensei in the Truc Lam tradition.

In addition to studying Zen with Soyu Mastsuoka Roshi in 2002, Wayne F. Tourda was also ordained at Dai Dang Monastery into Vietnamese Zen by the Ven. Thích Thanh Từ and given the Dharma name Thay Dang Ngo. Previously, Mr. Tourda received his Aikido teaching license from Soke Gozo Shioda, the founder of Aikido Yoshinkan. He is a graduate of the prestigious professional instructors’ program as well as the Kenshu program. 

Dr. Soyu Matsuoka (松岡 操雄, 1912–1997) was a great influence upon Professor Tourda, but also a “great dynamic influence both in America and Japan, lecturing and providing true Zen training to all people. He is registered in the book of national treasures of Japan. Matsuoka-Roshi then received a special assignment to the United States, where he served as a Zen priest in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Zen Temples. He furthered his extensive graduate work at Columbia University with Dr. D.T. Suzuki. This true pioneer of American Zen finally established the Long Beach Zen Temple in 1971. Twenty years later his teacher, Soyu Matsuoka, Gondaikyoshi of the Soto Zen sect, awarded Tourda the title of Roshi in 1992.

For more than 30 years Sensei Tourda taught Zen, Aikido and Yoga students in various North American institutions, including the UCLA Department of Kinesiology and Saddleback Community College where, as part of a task force for the State Community College Organization of Physical Education (SCOPE), Professor Wayne Tourda helped develop several programs in California Community Colleges including, and most recently, at Palomar College.

 While you may find some of Tourda Sensei's students in plain view, there are countless others who continue to extend the spirit of selflessness into a wide cross-section of daily pursuits while seeking to make the world a better place, not only for themselves, but for others as well.

Source authors include: Prof. Wayne Tourda and Dr. Lori Parker, Irvine, CA, Mumonkan-Do Integration for All.

Our Mission is to perpetuate Zen Buddhism